“I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus,” and Other Classics

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For a little seasonal fun this week, I offer you 7 Classic Christmas Songs Greatly Improved by Reversing the Gender Roles from Stylite.com. I appreciate the choice of words for the title, as they are indeed “greatly improved,” but admittedly still playing heavily into gender stereotypes. Don’t bypass the commentary above each video, as that may be the best part.

4. “I Saw Daddy kissing Santa Claus” by The Anti-Queens
While I don’t think it would ever be “a laugh” if any person caught the love of their life cheating on them with someone who entered the house via a chimney, this version by The Anti-Queens also makes an important message of the fact that most classic carols are incredibly heteronormative. Also, it’s not sung by Jimmy Boyd… does his voice scare the crap out of anyone else?



—Caterina Gironda, Southern Editor

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