Spiritual rats, money spells, and short boys

Money Spell

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“I am a man who likes talking to a man who likes to talk.” — Sydney Greenstreet’s memorable line in The Maltese Falcon, made in 1941. Seventy years later, in our electronic age, we might rephrase this “I like following websites that websites like to follow.”

The lines came to my mind in the wake of WordPress, magnanimously, honoring my blog—Montaigbakhtinian.com—with one of its special “Freshly Pressed” labels. This has led to an ever-growing wave of followers, with perhaps 5-10 new ones every day, many of them commercial establishments (e.g a “laser refill center”) who seem only interested in getting more hits by, as it were, hitting on me.

When a new person, or website, signs on, I am sent an e-mail which may include links to the follower’s own blog posts, and, particularly if the headline is intriguing, I like to check out these posts. There is not enough room here to quote all the wonderful pieces of writing, drawings, and photographs to which I have been introduced. From one Casey King’s self presentation:

You’ll find Casey King in the USA, . . . She is familiar with parenting, heartache and the occasional useless fun fact.  Her true passion in life is throwing her feelings out on the table, getting them stomped on so she can tell everyone why; she told us so.  When visiting her blog . . . you will find her personal accounts and opinions on relationships and parenting, with a side of quotes, status updates and fun facts.  In the real world Casey King works a full time job, delivering her son to every event possible and running from love.

What reached me, my heart, and life was the sentence about throwing her feelings on the table in order to tell us she told us we’d stomp on them (yet again).

Not to shift gears too radically, I will close (though not rapidly) with the following spectacular text (a variant on a press release) from Dr. Moosa, a spiritual healer from Cape Town, South Africa:

1. Spiritual rats (Amagundwane) are the miracle rats that i sale to you and keep it in your house while you can command it to go in the nearest banks or shops to grab or duplicate for you cash and bring it in you in the place you want with out anyone to notice . . .

2. Money spells is the spell that i can cast by the power of my ancestors into your name and through one of the sounding rich person in your area and then it suck the money from that person and bring it to you without any body to notice it or lose his own.This helps you if you are born unfortunate or unlucky destitute to duplicate someone’s luck and given it to you so that you can also benefit to the sweetness of world’s ubandant life.

3. Short boys: are the spiritual jinns (Gene) or ancestral spirits (invisible miracle spirits) which you can command through the password which be given to you after doing rituals by the spirits in your behalf and then go and duplicate money spiritually of some richest person in your area, or banks,shops from any place or any where . . .

Dr. Moosa goes on:

Yes some one may say this is wrong ways to have riches like that but according [to] the world how it is these days, life without money is like living in hello fire which burns you to death while you dont die but feeling endless pain. because whatever is this world can be easily attained by having money , easy and sweetful life is all about having money . Dont let others decieve you that money can not buy everything, yes it is, but at list it can buy important things to bring happiness which keeps life moving. you can not sleep with empty stomach (hungry) and say you are happy neither you can not watch your children needs something which you can not provide to them and you say thank God am happy because i dont have money . you can not thank God for starving of hunger or poverty. So think twice before hating this. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. . . . [T]his kind of services were devolped to create easy ways of having money by those who are unfortunate people and to break the bridge between the poor and rich people. Importantly is to make our spiritual nature to be more beneficial to us while helping us where we cant. And to fix where our prayers we give to God where it can not be answered for due to unknown reasons.

“And to fix where our prayers we give to God where it can not be answered for due to unknown reasons.” A line to bring tears, and somehow perfect in its syntax.

— Wm. Eaton

William Eaton is the Editor of Zeteo. A collection of his essays, Surviving the Twenty-First Century, will be published by Serving House Books. For more, see Surviving the website.

syndney greenstreet

Credit and Links

Image of hand is from a Nigeria Free Classifieds website where it is called a “money lottery spell” and is connected to one Dr. Bomboka in Guyana, who asks the poignant question (which could have to do with money, love, one’s parents, etc.): “Why do some people seem to get lucky and others don’t?” [I have added the italics on the “seem to.”]

Image at right is of the actor Sydney Greenstreet, in The Maltese Falcon. I must confess that in the first version of this post, I had both the movie title wrong and the quote (a little) wrong. Here is the dialogue, at least according to IMDb:

Kasper Gutman [Greenstreet]: You’re a close-mouthed man?

Sam Spade [Humphrey Bogart]: Nah, I like to talk.

Gutman: Better and better. I distrust a close-mouthed man. He generally picks the wrong time to talk and says the wrong things. Talking’s something you can’t do judiciously, unless you keep in practice. [He sits back.] Now, sir. We’ll talk, if you like. I’ll tell you right out, I am a man who likes talking to a man who likes to talk.

Casey King (Fingerlike.net)

Dr. Moosa (Top Best Spiritual Healer International)

In this holiday season, I find Dr. Moosa’s text reminding me of, and in a sense rivaling, the New York Times’ annual Neediest Cases reporting and fund-raising.


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  1. Daniel D'Arezzo

    Well, I certainly agree with much of what Dr. Moosa say about the sweetful life and how much is money very good for and a few short boys would go very far for making that sweetful life, but I won’t follow him on social media. I did, however, happen to see “The Maltese Falcon” recently, and it is in that movie that Sydney Greenstreet’s character, Kasper Gutman, says that he would enjoy talking with rapid-fire Sam Spade. In fact, the photo used was taken in Gutman’s hotel room where (I believe) the line was spoken. Greenstreet’s and Bogart’s characters (Ferrari and Rick) in “Casablanca” are much more guarded and close-mouthed. But I agree that Greenstreet’s delivery is memorable. Gutman proceeds to drug Spade and rush out of the hotel with his co-conspirators in quest of the falcon. I don’t think it makes any sense but it is very stylish and noirish and never gets old.


  2. Mokokolo malefu

    I want a spiritual rats to let money into my room pls m suffering enough no money my children are suffering we don’t have money,we need to buy a car n house n change our life like every person just to happy in my family to reach our destiny pls


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