How to submit & what

Joan Miro - Figura y perro en frente al sol (Figures and Dog in Front of the Sun), 1949

To submit: e-mail your text or query to

At present Zeteo is particularly interested in short pieces that call attention to other texts, works of art or music that deserve more attention than they are getting. And we are interested similarly in historical phenomena, ignored aspects of contemporary life, and so forth.

We do not publish personal essays, poetry or fiction.

Zeteo typically responds, requests revisions, and publishes all in a matter of weeks. This allows for a sense of life that journals with slower publishing schedules cannot provide. Zeteo does not charge writers fees for submitting or publishing work.

Send submissions, queries, comments to

We look forward to reading your work!

Image is of a painting by Joan Miro: Figura y perro en frente al sol, 1949

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