Female Vampires at Sundance

A Girl Who Walks Home Alone at Night

I did a lot more watching than reading this week during my first trip to the Sundance Film Festival. I saw some wonderful films and several by female filmmakers – one directed by a female filmmaker that included a female vampire – A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. I loved it and sincerely hope it gets distribution so it can reach a larger audience… the Hollywood Reporter review acknowledges the wonderful qualities of this film but also expresses my fears in regard to distribution:

This accomplished debut feature in gorgeous black-and-white, from U.S.-based writer-director Ana Lily Amirpour, is set in Bad City — which looks like a contemporary U.S. industrial town with some Western undercurrents and a dash of Frank Miller’s Sin City, though everyone speaks Farsi and an actual vampire roams the street at night. Beguiling in its strangeness, yet also effortlessly evoking recognizable emotions such as loneliness and the feeling of being stuck in a dead-end town and life, this moody and gorgeous film is finally more about atmosphere and emotions than narrative — and none the worse for it.

That said, the film’s unique mix of elements will make it a tough sell commercially, though festival audiences around the world (though perhaps not in Iran, given the brief nudity and frank portrayal of prostitution and drug use) should willingly line up for a spellbinding bite or two in the neck.

Keep an eye out for it in a theatre near you. Or a VOD or Netflix streaming possibility… there are all sorts of new avenues of distribution for movies and hopefully that will make all the difference in the world for a wonderful movie such as this that may be “a tough sell commercially.” I will do my part and promote as much as possible!


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