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The Dawn: A Journal for Australian Women; early feminist journal; Louisa Lawson; (as "Dora Falconer"); became official publication of Australian Federation of Women Voters.


William Eaton, Editor


The Active (Editors, Readers, Regular Contributors)

Diana Bahr, Ana Maria Caballero, Walter Cummins, Daniel D’Arezzo, Nancy Derr, Caterina Gironda, Stuart Johnson, Theana Kastens, Gayle Rodda Kurtz, Heather Lang, Ed Mooney, Fritz Tucker, Steve Webb, Drew Whitcup, Joy Yeager


Graphic Designer: Richard Delgado


Word Press Template: Max is Now!


Beloved Founding Editors

Rachael Benavidez, Daniel D’Arezzo, Heather Luciano, Maryam Moeini Meybodi, Alexia Raynal, Stephanie Tsank


Editorial Collective Members of Yore

Peter Bertino, Tucker Cox, Jennifer Dean, Ian Ettinger, Keyonna Hayes, Jason Hoelzel, Paul B. Kelly, Meghann Lucy, Caitlin Mackaman, Maria Marchenkova, Lauren Marten, Nathan Popejoy, Phillip Rhinehart, Amanda Rosenblum, Dianne Stone, Daniel Taub, Atiba Theophille, Catherine Vigier


Note on Image

A reflection of Zeteo‘s on-going commitment to recalling and entering into dialogue with previous publications, and of our commitment to progressive politics and those wonderful hours of liberty!

The Dawn: A Journal for Australian Women was an early feminist journal published monthly in Sydney, Australia between 1888 and 1905. It was first published 15 May 1888 by Louisa Lawson using the pen name of Dora Falconer. The subtitle was later changed to A Journal for the Household. It became the official publication of the Australian Federation of Women Voters.

In the first edition, “Dora Falconer” wrote:

Every eccentricity of belief, and every variety of bias in mankind allies itself with a printing machine, and gets its singularities bruited about in type, but where is the printing-ink champion of mankind’s better half? There has hitherto been no trumpet through which the concentrated voice of womankind could publish their grievances and their opinions . . . Here then is Dawn, the Australian Woman’s Journal and mouthpiece.

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