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Surviving the Twenty-First Century Essays from Montaigbakhtinian

In Surviving the Twenty-First Century, his slender new book of short and shorter essays, William Eaton thoughtfully and gracefully examines his experiences as father, wage earner, consumer, citizen, dreamer, ethicist. You may not always (or ever) agree with him. But for the price of a sandwich, Eaton’s little book could start you thinking about your own life, perhaps in ways you never before considered. When you get to the end, you might even want to read it again. — Nina Mishkin

Surviving the Twenty-First Century is a delicacy full of surprises and pleasures. Entertaining, yet packs a quiet intellectual wallop. The stealth weapon: Jonah, 12 years old. Surviving is anchored by descriptions of fatherhood. Eaton’s intellectual forays are defined and given meaning by his clear-eyed love for his child. Any parent will recognize those little flashes when your heart is pierced through. Mr. Eaton, with humor and without gooey sentiment, suspends this sensation for readers to enjoy on command. A thought-provoking and charming book. — Claire Stewart


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