ZiR & ZiLL

ZiR imageZiR = Zeteo is Reading

ZiLL = Zeteo is Looking and Listening

There are almost daily posts from Zeteo contributors. Imagine the contributors strolling along les boulevards of the City of Texts, Sights, Sounds and noting, as to a friend, what catches their eyes and ears and makes them stop and reflect, ruminate. Their first wish is to share what they have read, seen and heard with you: other curious, reflective people. Increasingly this is our focus, on these reflective pieces which dialogue with and call attention to other texts, sights, sounds. We recall Baudelaire’s idea “de tirer l’éternel du transitoire”—to find the eternal in the evanescent.

All comments are welcome, as always.

The photograph is “The constant visitor, Main Children’s Room, 1914,” a photograph in the Digital Archive of the New York Public Library. The photographer: Lewis Hine.

Specific contributions to this feature (which now dates back some years) can be found with the help of the Subjects and Contributors tabs at the top of the homepage.

Happy Reading, Looking, and Listening!

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