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Increasingly Zeteo is based in the Zeteo is Reading and Zeteo is Looking and Listening approach, and we are always looking for contributions of this nature. The overarching goal of these pieces is to call attention to texts, sights, and sounds (and perhaps smells, tastes, etc.) that are deserving of greater attention. These worthy moments could be books, paintings, songs, or, say, an odd collection of litter on a street corner, a bird call, government documents, graffiti, the stitching of a dress, . . .

We love pieces that call attention to old or new texts, art, music, etc., that the public and its culture mavens are ignoring. We prize, too, pieces that reflect a writer’s active and enthusiastic engagement with reading, be it of graffiti, classics, websites, scholarly work. While we like personal, autobiographical moments in texts, we do not publish personal essays.

If interested, please e-mail zeteojournal AT gmail.



The basic content: calling attention to a particular moment or thing, giving a little background about it (and perhaps about its creator), stating why you (the writer) are calling attention to the item, quoting from or reproducing the text or object, providing links for interested readers and viewers.

Maximum length is about 1,500 words. Just 200 words is fine (even precious).

Numerous and quite various examples of such pieces can be found under the ZiR & ZiLL tab on the website.

Note that something may be worthy of attention for its good or bad qualities, or quite independently of such judgments.

These pieces are not reviews or editorial columns. We are not looking for comprehensive articles or reports, but something more focused (and perhaps quite short).

As always, we have a particular interest in work that combines the personal, the political, and the intellectual.


SOME SAMPLES from years growing bluer in post-election mirrors

Simple and straightforward: The haunting Kiss of the Fur Queen

Rather more complex: Divine Wisdom (and of course emotions)

A summary: Examining Ten Terms of Chief Justice Roberts

Straightforwardly political: Migration & the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Quite opinionated: Iconic, but of what?

Calling attention to art works/artist: Lu Zhang, Artist and Daughter of China

Short and sweet: A Funny Poem About the Pope

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