Holiday Mix


A sight we have come to dread during the holidays is the invasion of Santas and Mrs. Santas for their annual drinking “pub crawl.” SantaCon 2014 took place this past Saturday, December 9, and, according to news reports, it was supposed to be saner and more sober. It did start out less boisterous in New York City, perhaps because the same day 25,000 people gathered in Washington Square Park to march against Police Violence. These two radically different populations intermixed in the Village before the marchers left the Park. It was a strange juxtaposition that suggested change might be possible after the tragic events in Ferguson, Staten Island, and on and on over the years—if, as written below on one of the chalk drawings left behind in the Park after the marchers left, we work together.

—Gayle Rodda Kurtz, Zeteo Associate

All photos by author.


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