Paper and Film

Pencil and Mouse - photo by Jennifer Dean

Today I leave you with a quote that I came across from scraps of paper in a binder I recently cleared out for a project I needed to put together in paper form. Wait – what’s that, you ask  – paper? I thought we got rid of that in the 21st century. . . that and film . . . aren’t all those things digital representations now?

Jean Epstein, For a New Avant-Garde:

Each of us, I suppose may possess some object which he holds only for personal reasons: for some, a book; for some, perhaps a very banal and rather ugly trinket; for someone else, perhaps a piece of furniture without value. These objects – we do not consider them as they are. To tell the truth, we are incapable of seeing these objects. What we see in them, through them, are the memories and emotion, the projects or the regrets which we have attached to these things for a more or less lengthy period of time, sometimes for forever. Now, this is the cinematic mystery: an object such as this with its personal character, that is to say, an object situated in a dramatic action that also possesses a photographic character, reveals anew its moral character, its human and living expression when reproduced cinematically.

– Jennifer Dean

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