Reading: 20-26 January 2013

From Maribí Henriquez, Zeteo Contributor

20 January 2013

My Sundays are dedicated to entertaining reads, and in my case, that means catching up with my list of fictional must-reads. I love stories of women, and Junot Diaz has an interesting way of empowering the Dominican woman through his cultural stories of love. I finally caught up to reading his latest book of short stories This Is How You Lose Her and am fighting the urge to compare it to his first fictional release, Drown (my favorite book to date). Each story is named after a woman, and each introduces a new perspective to the clash between love and pride. The complexities of every woman in the company of love and lust are described in a spectrum of colors that run from the dimmest gray to the brightest of blues and pinks.
Diaz writes:
She might be nobody’s Pendeja, but she’s also a forgiving soul.
This quote accurately depicts the purpose with which every short story in this book is written. The women in the stories come from traditions built in the old country, Dominican Republic, and fight themselves as they immerse themselves in the values of the American culture. The general question of a woman’s role in a modern world is a fascinating one and should be analyzed without assumptions or expectations. Human emotion is put in the forefront in this raw writeup of the personal relationships among men and women. Diaz reminds us through his short stories of women, embracing love is not a weakening force.


Quick Spanish Lesson: In Dominican dialect ‘pendeja’ is translated to ‘fool’.

21 January 2013

I spent my morning sitting in an office waiting to be called next. I came across this book with a stand-out title The Accidental Billionares: The Founding of Facebook. A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal. I continued to research author Ben Mezrich and soon realized why his book was at this office, he has knack for telling the story of too-smart-for-their-own-good players of the big boy’s money club. Here in the office of a woman who has become an entrepreneurial success with her cupcake making skills, I recognized the honest truth behind a book like The Accidental Billionares, and am completely looking forward to diving into each one of Ben Mezrich’s novels.

Ben Mezrich writes:

“It’s not that guys like me are generally attracted to Asian girls,” Eduardo commented, between sips of punch. “It’s that Asian girls are generally attracted to guys like me. And if I’m trying to optimize my chances of scoring with the hottest girl possible, I’ve got to stock my pond with the type of girls who are most likely to be interested.”

The infamous Facebook is depicted as a grand scheme created to attract women on campus, every business starts with one great idea.

For the official synopsis of Ben Mezrich’s book The Accidental Billionares click here:


23 January 2013

I secretly admire when everyone uses their social media accounts to post quotes of famous people. It is a way of playing philosopher and being legitimate at the same time. A friend of mine posted an Anais Nin quote today, which happen to be my favorite quotes to come across.

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.

I am writer and an avid reader. The art in reading lies in the ability to live similar experiences through multiple perspectives. Essentially, us readers lead more than one life…at the same time. Very witch-like of us, how fun.


25 January 2013

In my quest for a new full-time job I have been searching online for interviewing tips and certainly putting them to practice on my friends. I have recruited almost half the world in helping me prepare for my upcoming interviews and found a fascinating piece of information in my email today. It’s called “The Most Important Interview Question of All Time.” It piqued my interest immediately…could this be the greatest secret ever told? Lou Adler shares the single most important interview question:

  What single project or task would you consider the most significant accomplishment in your career so far?

And you can find the rest of his insightful piece here. Good luck current and future job hunters!




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