Zeteo’s Speed

Kangaroos Hopping (energy efficient, quiet)Zeteo generally responds to submissions and queries within two weeks.

Almost all our pieces go through a revision process, but if the writer is skilled and energetic, this process can be completed in a few weeks.

Thus pieces may be published within weeks of submission. (And, btw, our texts are always augmented with images and sometimes with call-out quotes as well.)

We use the word “speed” to highlight a difference between Zeteo and academic or literary journals which typically require months or years to get from submission to publication.

That said, we must note that, unlike literary journals, Zeteo does not publish personal essays, memoirs, fiction, or poetry. Among other things, this reduces the volume of submissions we need to deal with. Literary journals have our sympathy. And we are very interested in essays with personal elements (moments of autobiography, emotion, impassioned political statements, etc.). See The Personal, The Political, and The Intellectual.

While we can appreciate the value of a measured pace, we also believe that there is life, vibrant life, in more rapid publication processes!

Cordially, William Eaton, Editor


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Zeteo’s Speed