A Drinker of Life

John BerrymanColumbia MagazineThe Guardian and various other media outlets published moving articles to commemorate poet John Berryman’s centennial,.

For those who don’t know much about the poet, it is a great opportunity to get to know him. For those who do, it is perhaps a chance to learn something new, something more.

“Columbia Magazine’s” piece includes several excerpts from the poet’s work, along with “He Resigns” below:

He Resigns

Age, and the deaths, and the ghosts.
Her having gone away
in spirit from me. Hosts
of regrets come & find me empty.

I don’t feel this will change.
I don’t want any thing
or person, familiar or strange.
I don’t think I will sing

any more just now;
ever. I must start
to sit with a blind brow
above an empty heart.


Photo Credit: Terrence Spencer / Getty

– Ana Maria Caballero, Zeteo Contributing Writer

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