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eye for AR porn

? What categorizes some things as art or marketing and others as pornography? What if we went beyond the “purely pornographic” and viewed marketing as a manipulation machine, seeking to both please and coerce consumers?


By Claire Stewart Review of The Cultivation of Taste: Chefs and the Organization of Fine Dining by Christel Lane (Oxford University Press, 2014) {click for pdf}   The Cultivation of Taste: Chefs and the Organization of Fine Dining is a dogged endeavor to categorize and analyze the world of Michelin-starred restaurants and the chefs who […]

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distance fox

By William Eaton   A discussion of four Emily Dickinson poems in the context of Françoise Delphy’s French translations appearing in Poésies complètes : Edition bilingue français-anglais by Emily Dickinson and Françoise Delphy (Flammarion, 2009).     I.  The Articulate Inarticulate   An early reader of Emily Dickinson’s poems used this phrase—“the articulate inarticulate”—to describe […]


Read an article this morning in the Hollywood Reporter on the suicide of director Malik Bendjelloul (Oscar winner for the documentary Searching for Sugarman). I found Searching for Sugarman inspiring as a film (simple footage incredibly edited and animated to create a compelling story that explored art and commerce and popular culture through the story […]

Poetry Billy Collins

There are good reasons why Billy Collins is probably the most-loved U.S. Poet Laureate in recent history. For one, his poetry speaks, talks, chats us up.  It is like The Simpsons. You can zone out, read and enjoy. Or you can dig a little and discover that each word is rooted in mindful soul. Here […]

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Scent and Subversion By Jeffrey M. Barnes Review of Scent and Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume by Barbara Herman (Lyons Press 2013) [click for pdf]   The paradox and beauty of perfume is that it operates on multiple levels: the rational and the irrational; the visceral, the cognitive and the aesthetic. Perfume’s power is […]

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Environmental Philosophy and the Question of Origins By Ashok Karra Review of Biogea, by Michel Serres. Translated by Randolph Burks (Univocal, 2012). Distributed by University of Minnesota Press.   In Biogea, the French philosopher Michel Serres attempts to find a softer science, one not as destructive or reductive as the “hard” science some say we […]


Thoreau: Mourning Turtle Doves An amble from Concord on out By Edward F. Mooney I propose an amble with Thoreau, keeping him usually in sight (not reined in), and letting him be sometimes conjured, rather than the subject of an exclusively scholarly, investigative report. There will be some polemic, a reverie or two, and thoughts […]


Exploring our hopes for a cure, with help from The King’s Speech By William Eaton {Click for pdf} Shortly after seeing the movie The King’s Speech, I had the thought that it might provide a platform for exploring some ideas about psychotherapy. It seemed that this was really what the movie was about: psychotherapy and the […]

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In Zeteo‘s New York home, this year’s spring was delayed by a long, biting winter. Low temperatures forced us to walk through spring, as Joseph Conrad suggested, “with eyes half shut, with dull ears, with dormant thoughts.” But earth is finally emerging from under the blankets of hibernation and so too does Zeteo, with a vibrant and warming Spring Issue. Walter Cummins uses […]

Breast Cancer Cell

Malignancy in an Imperfect World By Walter Cummins Click here for PDF version.   When the Stanford anthropologist S. Lochlain Jain received a diagnosis of breast cancer in her mid thirties, she did what many educated cancer victims do: she wrote a book, Malignant: How Cancer Becomes Us (University of California Press, 2013). In Jain’s […]


The Racialized Other Moves Still The (Counter-)Power of Dance, Dance Floors, and Deejays By Ghaida Moussa Click here for PDF version.    My entry into the practice of deejaying stems from my deep-rooted relationship with music. I know firsthand the power of good soundtracks to pivotal moments in life. I think about a good drive […]

Vanessa 1

An exploration of Song Dong’s Doing Nothing Garden and the possibility of renewing ourselves and our environment through not doing By Vanessa Badagliacca Click here for PDF Version.     I grew up hearing the recurring expression that if you—a general you—didn’t catch “the train” passing right at that moment you would miss it. You […]


Steps toward a larger, if alien view of what parenting involves By William Eaton   Click here for PDF version (1) Few parents, and only occasionally, allow themselves to think, It is because of me that my child must suffer. Rather we sometimes think of all the many others and other things—rapists, wars, car accidents, bad […]

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Notes of a Year of James Baldwin By Rachel Corbman Review of the opening session of the Year of Baldwin, New York Live Arts, April 2014. Click here for PDF version.   The definitive James Baldwin documentary, The Price of the Ticket (1989), memorably opens with archival footage from a British television interview that aired shortly before the novelist […]

The Groups We Belong To   By Walter Cummins   Review of The Big Picture: America in Panorama, from the collection of Josh Sapan (New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2013) {Click for pdf wherein, inter alia, the pictures are larger}   The Big Picture: America in Panorama celebrates both the possibilities of the panoramic camera and […]