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The theme of this issue is that of every Zeteo issue: Borders. We are interested in transgressing the borders between the personal, the political, and the intellectual, and in pieces that cross the boundaries between academic fields. This Fall 2014 issue—our largest and most unified to date—makes our interest in borders explicit, as the contributing […]


All ye know on earth, and all ye need to know? Perhaps not. What you will find if you click and scroll a little are: ZiR and ZiLL posts: “Zeteo is Reading” and “Zeteo is Looking and Listening”. Our core activity: Calling attention to, presenting and excerpting from, commenting on texts, images, sounds, movies, bits of […]


Kunsthaus Bergenz, a place for contemporary art       Exhibiting contemporary art has not been a simple enterprise since about or before the 80s when the possibilities of what could be art became anything. We wait in anticipation to see if the new 422 million dollar version of the downtown Whitney will succeed in […]

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Review of Tomb(e) by Hélène Cixous, translated by Laurent Milesi (Seagull Books, 2014). Distributed by The University of Chicago Press. By Walter Cummins   What are we to make of prose like this? Never did I love so powerfully but for dreaming still and dreaming the Dream of Dreams, as if Love killed me in order […]

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Every now and then I read an interesting article about parenting. While this is not a blog on parenting, I like to comment on articles that address these issues because they reflect a big part of how we think about children. On “Seven Reasons We Hate Free-Range Parents,” Meghan McArdle wonders why America has “gone lunatic” on […]


Hillary Clinton has officially announced her candidacy in the 2016 Presidential election. In her announcement video (above), Clinton claims that “the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top (1:41-4).” It is hard to argue with her, given that she is the wife of a former President. Insofar as U.S. voters are […]

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What would it be to find wisdom in an unhurried way of life? What is it to discover a “sensuous slowness” in one’s life – to discover a Sabbath or sabbatical? Franco Berardi, an Italian Marxist, dons the cloak of a prophet. He foresees a cultural revolution based on . . . facing the inevitable with […]

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In yesterday’s New York Times, Shaila Dewan wrote an article highlighting the difficulties that stem from driver’s license suspensions. The subject matter is unremarkable, at first glance. Any number of traffic violations or criminal prosecutions can result in a suspension; this is the bureaucratic norm. What Dewan discovered, however, is the ways in which these suspensions […]


As I recently neared the end of Wild, the biographical film inspired by Cheryl Strayed’s 2012 memoir on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, I was happy to hear the unmistakable melody of “El Condor Pasa,” which has since been on replay in my head. Though the film included the Simon and Garfunkel rendition, it brought […]


Sociologist Sari Knopp Biklen died last year, but she left a substantial body of research that will undoubtedly be brought to life by people across disciplines. In reading her article “Trouble on Memory Lane,” I am reminded of the analytical risks of working with youth, including the assumption that we can connect to a group we once […]

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This is a follow up to my last post, “Corporeal Words.” There, I paused with the thought, borrowed from the philosopher Kelly Jolley, that poetry lets words become bodies or objects. Thus they might set up a resonance with our own bodies. In a comment, Daniel D’Arezzo seemed to move us toward theology. He suggested […]


      As reported in “The Spy Who Fired Me, The human costs of workplace monitoring” by Esther Kaplan, in March 2015, Harper’s, the company Cornerstone OnDemand provides software that tracks the every move of a company’s employees. Companies that use its platform can quickly assess an employee’s performance by analyzing his or her […]