Junot Díaz on Doing Something New (ZiR)


Zeteo is Reading / 13 November 2012

Rachael Benavidez

[N.B.: This is not part of the Fall issue of Zeteo, but one in an ongoing series of posts. For the full series see Zeteo is Reading.]

13 November 2012

Reading an interview with Pulitzer Prize winner Junot Díaz about This is How You Lose Her:

“As an artist, you’re trying to do something really new. Usually you find the new where people have gotten tired of looking. Most of us confuse the overabundance of males for honesty about men. There are so many male characters, so many books that are about men… so many movies that are only about men – where the women are just a beard, a love interest to keep the homo-social aspect of the story more suppressed – that I think a lot of us sort of think, ‘God, any more writing about men I’m going to hang myself.'”

Still looking.

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