Z e t e o
Reading, Looking, Listening, . . . Questioning

Zeteo provides a bridge between the study and reflection of interdisciplinary writers and the interests of the ever-growing number of Zeteo readers. If you are interested in contributing a ZiR or a ZiLL, or an article or essay, or learning more about the publication, please see the Dear Contributors tab on the homepage or e-mail us at zeteojournal@gmail.com.

You can now subscribe electronically to Zeteo, or to certain “categories” of Zeteo (which we pronounce zeh-TAY-o). Click on Subscribe or Contact.

Zeteo was founded by alumni and students of the City University of New York’s Masters of Liberal Studies Program. In the summer of 2013 Zeteo became an independent journal.

ZiR = Zeteo is Reading. ZiLL = Zeteo is Looking and Listening. Increasingly this is the heart of the Zeteo project. For more click here. 

The image used here is the original Zeteo logo, designed by Stephanie Tsank.