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The Journal of Interdisciplinary Writing
Call for Articles and Essays (& Odd Couplings)

odd couples - animalsSend your best interdisciplinary articles and essays to Zeteo.

This season we are looking particularly for “odd couplings”: pieces that combine disciplines or topics infrequently found together. Music and politics, love and economics, art and biology, legality and illegality, belonging and not, hope and despair, men and women, Arabs and Jews . . .

Complete texts, proposals, or informal queries should be sent to the Zeteo editorial collective at zeteojournal@gmail.com. We ask writers to submit manuscripts in Microsoft Word and to include with their submissions a brief bio and a short paragraph summarizing or introducing the piece. Maximum length is about 5,000 words.

Deadline for submissions: 31 December 2014.

Send inquiries, proposals and texts to zeteojournal@gmail.com.


More generally, eternally—

Our interests include:

Interdisciplinary pieces—that is, pieces spanning more than one field, and taking advantage of the special insights that may be gained from such spanning.

Pieces that combine, as we say, the personal, the political and the intellectual. We do not publish personal essays, but we are particularly on the lookout for writers who weave into their analysis discussion of how they have come to their subject and why it is important to them. One might speak of writers who are both well-read and not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves, or to take sides in the conflicts of our times, or of all times.

Connected multiplicity—a phrase we have borrowed from John C. Meagher’s Shakespeare’s Shakespeare. We are interested in essays that, in lieu of a relentlessly focused argument, explore various paths, and allow readers to find unexpected connections and to relax in the pleasure of reading and thoughtfulness. We are also, btw, admirers of focused arguments, but Zeteo means to seek, and we want it to offer a port of call for intellectual explorers.

Camouflage. We are living in a world in which people, corporations, governments, and political groups are disguising themselves (including, at times, from themselves). Zeteo staff, for instance, are working in a range of fields—from Africana, Latino, Jewish and American studies; to ethics, fashion, film, and work and family; to women’s, gender and sexuality studies—which reveal how transformations of the self can be essential for survival. At times it’s not the strongest, but the most versatile or adaptable who survive. We want to see how interdisciplinary scholars and writers are exploring, defining and perhaps engaging in camouflage.

We do not expect that all submissions will be 5,000 words with footnotes. Surprise us with something shorter—a fragment, an exploration, a list, a letter or response, a series of annotated images, or . . . We have been developing an idea of Zeteo as a pyramid, with Zeteo is Reading as a strong base, reviews and short essays in the middle, and the prisms of our issues being fashioned semi-annually. We encourage contributors to become involved in all phases of this process: doing a “week of reading,” writing a review or short essay, contributing an article.

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