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Joan Miro - Figura y perro en frente al sol (Figures and Dog in Front of the Sun), 1949

Joan Miro – Figura y perro en frente al sol, 1949

Submitting is easy . . .

E-mail text or query to Zeteojournal@gmail.com

In addition to articles, essays, and reviews,

Zeteo is ever interested in . . .

Zeteo is Reading (ZiR) and Zeteo is Looking and Listening (ZiLL) pieces: short essays that call attention to and explore texts, scenes, sounds, . . . For more see http://zeteojournal.com/news-for-potential-contributors/contribute-zeteo-reading/

We love pieces that call attention to old or new texts, art, music, etc., that the public and its culture mavens are ignoring. We prize, too, pieces that reflect a writer’s active and enthusiastic engagement with reading, be it of graffiti, classics, websites, scholarly work. While we like personal, autobiographical moments in texts, we do not publish personal essays.

Please note that Zeteo typically responds, requests revisions, and publishes all in a matter of weeks. This allows for a freshness and sense of life that academic journals with slower publishing schedules cannot provide.

Scholarship, reflection, personal experience, and passionate beliefs—it’s a tall order. Please help us fulfill it.

Send submissions, queries, comments to


N.B.: Zeteo most definitely does not charge writers readers fees, nor do we charge anything for processing or final publication of accepted pieces!

We look forward to reading your work!