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The Ballerina and the Bull, Adbusters poster - Occupy Wall Street

The Ballerina and the Bull, Adbusters.com

Zeteo is very interested in publishing articles, short or long, that explore and reflect on the connections between money and art. The money could be rich people’s, rich institutions’, or the governments, or . . . ? The art could be visual, writing, music, dance, theater, cinematic, or . . .

Zeteo is ever interested in Zeteo is Reading (ZiR) and Zeteo is Looking and Listening (ZiLL0 pieces: short essays that call attention to and explore texts, scenes, sounds, . . . For more see http://zeteojournal.com/news-for-potential-contributors/contribute-zeteo-reading/

Ervin Esen, Metacarpal Money

Ervin Esen, Metacarpal Money

We especially prize pieces that reflect a writer’s active and enthusiastic engagement with reading, be it of grafitti, classics, websites, scholarly work. While we have believe in personal, autobiographical moments in texts, we do not publish personal essays.

Scholarship, reflection, personal experience, and passionate beliefs—it’s a tall order. Please help us fulfill it.

Send submissions, queries, comments to zeteojournal@gmail.com.