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Reading, Looking, Listening, . . . Questioning
Looking for Writers who are Readers

Virginia WoolfZeteo is looking for writers of shorter pieces (250-1500 words) that focus on something noteworthy seen, heard, or read.

The emphasis should be on the present—the now—of the experience or reading.

Also welcome: references to earlier (personal, intellectual, artistic) experiences that help illuminate the present text, sight, or sound.

We especially prize pieces that reflect a writer’s active and enthusiastic engagement with reading, be it of grafitti, classics, websites, scholarly work.

Scholarship, reflection, personal experience, and passionate beliefs—it’s a tall order. Please help us fulfill it.

Send submissions, queries, comments to zeteojournal@gmail.com.

Please note that we do not publish personal essays. While we have believe in personal, autobiographical moments in texts, we want the focus to be something read, seen, or heard.