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March 13, 2018

i am looking for spiritual rats that bring money into my room i am from zimbabwe

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RealDoll prosthetic device, leg, being repaired

February 3, 2018

This is, clearly, a continuing story. In an online article in a new UK magazine, The Amorist, computer science professor Kate Devlin urges that sex bots (and digital assistants, like Siri) shouldn't just be "gynoids"; we should have access to "androids" as well. And then there is my personal experience of drawing from the nude. Increasingly, I find or realize, that breasts now often -- and unfortunately! -- are coming in just one, too-perfect shape. (In the augmentation industry it's called "round," and I believe the most popular fill is on the order of 400ccs.) Are we finding that the simples...

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Arabian Red Fox, photograph by Jem Babbington, appears on Birds of Saudi Arabia website

July 25, 2017

[…] Gun. Pour ses explorations des traductions, vers le français, de la poésie, voir, par example, Translating Dickinson, Poetry as Conversation, et Dylan, Nobel, Paris, Chimes Flashing. Some readers may also find of […]

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