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Spring 2013 Issue

Spring 2013 Issue



Oil Paintings of Word Paintings of Nature’s Paintings
Gauguin’s Early Tahitian Canvases and Pierre Loti’s Le Mariage de Loti
(The Marriage of Loti)

By Richard Berrong

That Troublesome Jew
Shylock and the corruption of The Merchant of Venice
By Aaron Botwick

Do you know, is the crab soup vegetarian?
And of what uses are words if their meanings are bent by their use? And could comic philosophy be our last best hope?
By William Eaton

How Does It Feel To Be The Enemy?
An Arab mother’s reflections on the Boston Tragedy
By Lama Zuhair Khouri

Emphasizing Virtue over Victory
Why we should adopt a Virtue Ethics Approach to Social Change
By Jeffrey Nall

“Community-Integrated” Housing for People with Developmental Disabilities
Queer and Critical Disability Theories’ Contribution to Self-Determination
Jennifer Polish