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The Supreme Court and the “D.C. Madam”

downloadI have been following a rather amusing story recently: one involving an eccentric attorney and some potentially salacious information. Today, the Supreme Court weighed in, and Steven Nelson of U.S. News and World Report took note:

The Supreme Court announced Monday it would not intervene to allow release of phone records from the late ‘D.C. madam’ Deborah Jeane Palfrey, despite one of her former attorneys claiming the records are ‘very relevant’ to the presidential election.

Though he has repeatedly threatened to release the records if courts do not modify a 2007 restraining order, Montgomery Blair Sibley tells U.S. News he’s not quite sure what he now will do.

‘I’m going to sleep on it and seek the counsel of people I trust,’ he says. ‘It’s laundry day anyway, so I’m going to be washing all my soccer uniforms from this weekend.’

Sibley is known for bizarre behavior in the past, and it’s anyone’s guess what kind of information he actually has. Palfrey was convicted of providing escorts for members of the Washington, D.C. elite (she later committed suicide), and in 2007 a restraining order was issued to prevent Sibley from releasing the escort service’s call logs. But what exactly does he have, and how relevant is it? Sibley’s public comments have ranged from cheeky to outright baffling:

Sibley in March claimed he had stored the records on four servers around the world and that a hidden website’s link would be automatically sent to reporters if he did not reset a 72-hour countdown clock. He said last week he told an imaginative half-truth when he said ‘there’s a link right now, that if you had, you would have access to the records.’

Instead, he said, four people he trusts have the records on CDs and would upload them if they don’t hear from him every 72 hours. One of his three ex-wives, two of his many ex-girlfriends and a close friend living abroad have the CDs, he said.

‘Everyone assumed I meant computer servers. I meant people who serve me,’he said.

Sometimes the news cycle needs someone like Montgomery Blair Sibley: outspoken, eccentric, and (thus far) relatively harmless:

Sibley currently is not licensed to practice law as the result of a 2008 suspension in Florida for filing ‘vexatious and meritless’ lawsuits against judges and for a child support payment dispute, for which he faced reciprocal discipline in D.C. He says he intentionally has not sought to rejoin the legal profession, claiming it’s rotten to its core.

— Drew Whitcup, Zeteo Contributing Writer


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