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Welcome to our Borders Issue

borders examplesThe theme of this issue is that of every Zeteo issue: Borders. We are interested in transgressing the borders between the personal, the political, and the intellectual, and in pieces that cross the boundaries between academic fields.

This Fall 2014 issue—our largest and most unified to date—makes our interest in borders explicit, as the contributing writers and artists explore:

We would also note that this is the first Zeteo issue that has not been published all at once, but rather has been unfurled, one piece at a time, several weeks in a row. Here we are seeking to cross yet another border: between the traditional methods of print journals and the possibilities and demands of online publication.

May all this link with your own interests and bring you some moments of rumination and inspiration as one year ends and another begins.

With best wishes,

Zeteo’s ever-growing editorial team

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