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“A Poem for Women Who Don’t Want Children”

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Chanel Brenner PoetI come across all sorts of poems in my continuous hunt for poetry contests and literary journals that might house the verses I wrestle to write. Yesterday, I came across a jewel. A simple, stunning jewel.

The poem was a finalist for Rattle Poetry’s 2013 Contest and was written by Los Angeles-based poet Chanel Brenner, pictured to the right. To read more poems by Ms. Brenner, click here.

Below is the poem that left me stunned.


I won’t preach about the rewards of motherhood.
I won’t say it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.
I won’t say it’s the best job I’ve ever had.
I won’t say you’ll regret not having a child.
I won’t say you’ll forget what life was like before.
I won’t say it makes life worth living.
What I will say
is my son died.
What I will say
is I would still do it again.

– Ana Maria Caballero, Zeteo Contributing Writer


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2 Comments to ““A Poem for Women Who Don’t Want Children””

  1. Julie says:

    Yes, stunning is the right word. Find her book, Vanilla Milk and take the journey with her.

  2. Ana Maria Caballero says:

    Will look it up. Thanks for reading!

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